Light bulb vase design by Studio Yumakano



Lovely everyday idea!

Light bulb Vase

These days, LED bulbs are replacing incandescent light bulbs. In November 2007, the Ministry of the Environment of Japan requested that electronics manufacturers no longer produce or sell incandescent light bulbs as they consume large amounts of electricity.
It is reasonable to consider the environment when manufacturing, but at the same time, many designs—such as the incandescent light bulb—might disappear for the sake of environmental protection.
The concept of this design comes from the desire to save the vanishing designs in a new and different way.
By collecting the used bulbs and making a small hole in them, it is possible to bring the vanishing design back to life.The filament, which used to be an important part of the bulb, now has another big role—supporting the flower.

design priod : 2012
material : used light bulb
size : W140×D90×H90mm
photo : satoru ikegami



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